Saturday, 10 November 2012

A very High Tea 60th!

My dear mum turned the big 6-0 a couple of weeks ago and to celebrate i threw her a High Tea party.

My lovely Aunty offered her house as the venue, which was perfect. Her garden has the best backdrop we could ask for considering the theme.

I spent a couple of months planning and liasing with Mum and my aunty, scanned good ol' Pinterest (what on earth did we do before that site?!!) and shopping around for ideas.

I love to entertain even though I'm stressed on the day and exhausted by the end of it! I love how it makes people happy and brings them together. Mum had a few of her high school friends come and her sister travelled from Sydney.

Food was very important and I'd spent a few hours scouring my cookbooks and making a plan.

In the end there was:

Caramal filled shortbread
Melting moments
Coconut and Passionfruit slice
Hedgehog slice
Cherry and nut fudge
Red velvet cupcakes
Chocolate cake

I did all the sweet stuff, my Aunty did sandwiches and sis in law made ham n cheese croissants, just to balance out the overload of sugar!

We also decided on a fruit platter at the last minute considering the weather was a balmy 35C!

I decorated the table with flowers I bought for Mum and my Aunty and some ceramic cupcake jars.
I was so disappointed as I'd ordered all these decorations and cupcake wrappers etc online but it didnt turn up on time. I had to make do with what I had. Although really, the food was the main attraction.


 Aren't these just the sweetest cupcake holders?! So fitting for the day!
I made my mums cake. I like to decorate cakes but Im not really good at it. I always have this awesome image in my mind but it doesnt translate through into my hands!! To minimise stress (cause that's really important!) I usually buy packet cakes so i can concerntrate on the decoration.

 All in all it turned out a great day. And this little guy had a ball!! Needless to say, he crashed on the way home straight to bed!


  1. What a beautiful garden Melissa, looked like an amazing day x

  2. Isnt it devine! It was a lovely day albeit stressful being the host :)