Thursday, 29 August 2013

Ive been nominated...for a Liebster!

Thanks so much to Dani over at A Wishful Whimsy for nominating me for this lovely blog award.

Check out her blog for the questions and answers she was given and in turn has made up 11 more for me. So here goes...

1. Television or Radio?
Hmm I love my music so I would have to go with radio. I listen to the radio in transit to work. Triple J is the flavour of the month but I switch between them and Fresh FM. Im not into pop at all!

2. What did you want to be when you grew up & why?
Well when I was really little I wanted to be a teacher, as most girls I think do when you're 5. But as I grew older and throughout high school, I wanted to be a vet nurse which I ended up being for 5 years. I left because I lost the passion of working your ass off for very little cash. Plus Vets can be very ungrateful. I do miss the animals and surgery though.

3. Silver or Gold Jewellery?

4. Who is your favourite author/book?
I dont read much anymore but I did like Jodi Picoults books. Now I just lust over house mags!

5. House or Apartment living? Why?
I actually like the idea of apartment living especially after watching The Block. But I would miss having a backyard too much. Somewhere you can entertain and the kids can run around in. Plus Id be extra worried about noisy neighbors in an apartment block.

6. What is your favourite milkshake flavour?
Wendys flake shake

7. Do you have a celebrity crush? 
Not really. I mean, there are certain celebrities that are very easy on the eye but none stand out. I do like Paul Walker though of Fast and Furious fame and the singer of The Butterfly Effect is pretty nice too :) 

8. What is your most favourite thing about Christmas?
Getting to decorate the house and giving out presents to loved ones. Oh and seeing my sons face now that he is older and knows more about presents! haha!

9. If money was no object, what would you spend $$$ on?
Decorating the house!

10. Do you wash your own car or use a car wash?
Im lazy now and use the car wash but secretly I get a little scared the windows will give way and Ill get hurt by the rollers!

11. Were you better at Maths or English in School? 
Definitely English. I hated Maths! I was (and still am) never good at numbers.

So now I believe I pick some questions and nominate some blogs for the reward.

Jess at Forever Organised
Kate at Hellokateberry
Tiff at Surviving Four Kids
Cassie at Cassadiva
Anna at Fields of Sage

Your questions, if you to choose to accept them, are:

1. What was your first job?
2. What do you love about blogging?
3. What dont you love about blogging?
4. What's your emotional food?
5. What was your first car?
6. Any bad habits?
7. Who's your idol (if you have one)?
8. Favourite band/singer?
9. First gig?
10. Favourite movie
11. What is your design style?

Good luck everyone, looking forward to reading your answers.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Party box

Hi all, Been a bit quiet round these parts lately. Ive been busy pottering around the house and hanging out with the family but today I thought I'd just share a quick project I did one night organizing our party supplies.

I was using this old nappy box to hold unfinished projects but thought with a bit of prettying up, it could be put to better use.

So a layer of wrapping paper later we had this:

I didn't bother with the inside since it was going to be hidden away in a cupboard anyhow.

And inside houses my larger disposable party items and yes, that is some Australia Day stuff in the bottom which I had no home for!

This box sits in the bottom of our dining unit along with some entertaining pieces.
(except the items up the top dont really belong but again, had no other home for)

On the shelf above you can see my other party supplies box

Just a cheapie box I picked up from the dollar shop which I thought to be very appropriate for what it stores!

Inside this one is balloons, candles, plastic tablecloths and leftover invites which I probably wont use but didn't want to throw away. The green bag holds balloon sticks.
I also added sparklers I found randomly stuck in a vase. The things we do when hiding items!

I don't really have that much but I do like to keep everything together so when it comes to planning those special events, I can just have a look and see what we already have.

Maybe this gives you an idea on how to corral your party items.

Monday, 19 August 2013


Picking mummy flowers whilst I was at work.
Love him
Joining in with Jodi

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Lovely day out..Little Man enjoyed his first train ride and patting a horse .
I know he doesnt look excited in either of these photos but trust me, he was!

This is such a beautiful capture from last weeks portraits. I also thought these wrinkly feet were cute.

Joining in with Jodi

Sunday, 4 August 2013


My little bogan.
Last weeks favourite. Nothing like a bubba drinking Mumma's milk
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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Office in a box

Like most people, I've had a neverending struggle on how to best organize pesky paperwork clutter.
I started off with multiple accordion files scattered throughout the house. One day I sat down and went through them all throwing out a whole pile of bills including phone bills from 2006!
I looked online for the papers you should keep for tax purposes and surprisingly 7 year old phone bills were not one of them.
I then grouped what paper I had left into piles and stored them in a bag under the bed! Yeah, I know. Random.
Bills and statements for the current year I kept out in the office area for easy access but I wanted to keep them altogether in an organised, functional and of course nice looking, not at all paper hoarding, way.
Thats when I came across this post from Mairdville Manor blog about an Office in a box. Who would have thought under this lid was a bunch of boring paperwork files!

The box is split into 3 functions.

I have a file box with suspension files for historical papers including mortgage, tax returns, contracts etc.

 I used an old filer to gather all our warranties and manuals. Its not pretty but it does the job and its then hidden away.

I split them into general catagories including Kitchen, Electrical and Kids.

Then there's the blue file where I store the most recent documents for the year. Once the year is over, I will go through and throw away bills I wont need for tax purposes etc and then move the rest into the bigger file box.

And they all pack away nicely in the box and stored in our office area.

I also have this filing system out on the shelf for our current paperwork. Bills to pay, and then file, junk mail to look at etc.

In the white box I keep our receipts. I then go through this every now and then, file what I need to keep for warranties etc and throw away the rest.

So I guess I have a bit of a processing line happening with this filing business. If you make it to the big file box, you're one of the lucky ones!!

I hope this gives you an idea of another way you can control your paperwork! Its Pretty but functional!

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Sunday, 21 July 2013


This pretty much sums up our week.
Poor sick bubba, The worst I've seen him.
Dont worry though, hes pretty much back to normal and running amok as toddlers do :)
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My mini battle with toddler mealtimes

Lately we have been experiencing issues with Little Mans mealtimes and eating.
He has never been a big eater, even as a baby but now hes that bit older and more assertive, we're struggling to keep his nutrition up. Ive heard other parents worry about this so I know its normal for a child his age, even my mum said my brother and I went through a difficult eating stage but it doesnt stop me from worrying anyway!

He used to love breakfast and would sometimes eat 3 to 4 weetbix or a couple of weetbix and toast. Lunch has always been hit and miss but he would normally eat a decent enough dinner or he would have enough smaller snacks in the arvo that I wouldnt worry too much.

The frustrating thing is at childcare he eats a good 4-5 meals a day! This in itself is some sort of saviour knowing hes getting at least 2 days of decent nutrition but I dont understand why he eats like a horse at care but not at home. Im not sure whether its because all the other kids are eating so he is encouraged to eat with them?

I decided we needed to change, our routine wasnt working and after discussion with Husby we thought we'd try something different.

So before his basic routine was:

7am - Milk when he wakes up. Sometimes he would have 3 cups full.

8-9am Offer breakfast. usually toast, crumpets, cereal, yoghurt, pancakes...whatever he feels like on the day.

before 11-12 (naptime) we would offer a snack or lunch depending on whether he ate a good breakfast or none at all. Most of the time he wouldnt really have anything decent especially if he did happen to eat something for breakfast. He could then sometimes sleep until  3pm and not be hungry straight away which would mean he wouldnt really get a lunch (if he didnt eat before his nap) or he ate too close to dinner time which then hinders dinnertime eating.

5:30-6pm - we all sit down for dinner. Again, depending on the day he may eat ok or not be hungry at all. We still offer him what we're having or a slight variation and we dont offer alternatives. I figure if he was hungry he would eat or attempt to eat what was there.

Some changes we made are:

1. In the morning instead of bowing to LM needs of more milk, he has 1 cup of milk and thats it. I think all that milk was filling him up and therefore wasnt hungry for breakfast in an hour or so time. I dont know why we didnt think or do this sooner but so far it seems to have helped a lot. He may whinge to start with but gets over it pretty quickly. Hes since been having a decent brekky.
2. Try and extend his naptime out to at least 12pm by keeping him super busy in the morning. This works well for me on the weekend anyway cos I like to get all my errands out the way in the morning and be back home for his nap in the arvo. This way we can offer lunch around 1130 meaning he goes to sleep with a full belly and this meal is out of the way. Sometimes it doesnt work out and he gets sleepy earlier missing that lunchtime window.
3. Try not to offer any snacks or meals after 4pm before dinner. This has been helping come dinnertime as he's more likely to eat or attempt to eat something because he's more likely to be hungry.

Now this may all sound like basic stuff, commonsense really but sometimes you cant really see where youre going wrong especially if your new to this mothering business. Parenting is all a bit of trial and error and no child is the same.
I did read a good line the other day that said children need to feel hungry. Too many of us nowadays think we should keep feeding their bellies. Why do we need to pack a lunchbox full of snacks to head down to the shops. Im a little bit guilty of this but when I think back to my  childhood, my mother never did that. We would have to wait until we got home to eat or even drink. She never even packed a drink bottle for us!.  Funny how this parenting gig evolves!

Do you have any tips and tricks for funny eaters? Been in a similar situation? Tell me your story. Make me feel better!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

28/52 (27/52)

The Birthday Boy
in his element playing with his new trainset.
Last weeks favourite..this little cutie hugging her rabbit!
As always joining in with Jodi.

Catching up on last weeks eventually...

Enjoying the wintery afternoon amongst the autumn leaves.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Our play area


 This is a project Ive been working on for awhile. No project in this house gets done quickly. I put in a lot of thought, theres some trial and error, pinteresting, and lots of lots of thinking.

We dont have a big house but I like the idea of a play area for Little Man, somewhere in the living area so he's with us. Inevitably most of the toys he's playing with end up in our living area but thats fine, then at the end of the day they're packed away here.

After much contemplation, I decided the Expedit would be the best major piece of storage furniture.

This way we can fit books, stand alone toys as well as his smaller toys like blocks, cars etc.

The top shelf is currently being used for some of my craft stuff as well as a box of his craft bits and pieces.

Because Im looking at budget options, I havent gone too matchy matchy and tried to use stuff from around the house.

I did purchase from Ikea the purple Skubb boxes on sale, the white Kassett boxes and the 2 green Drona cubes which were also on sale. (I just noticed however the Green doesnt seem to be available at the Adelaide branch anymore) All of these are quite size deceiving and managed to fit most of his toys and craft goods really easily.

The very top of the unit I have a couple of frames I found which I need to fill, some pencils, glue and pipe cleaners, in the Bee caddy is some extra playdough and paints and the blue box has lots of random computer items which I need to find a home for.
I was lucky enough to win a Scotch adhesive pack from Bianca over at  A Little Delightful. I pulled these out yesterday to hang some canvas prints in a spare corner of the room.

Underneath these Im going to add some Bekvam spice racks to hold some of his books. Im sure we've all seen this ikea hack idea.

About an hour after taking these shots, the Play canvas fell down. Twice. Seems those adhesives arent strong enough to hold it. So for now its off the wall.
Sorry for the crappy photo (still amateur in the photography front too!) but this is his little table set up where he can draw and play with playdough etc. It is a little on the small side so im looking at purchasing another Lack table and move it to the middle of the room. The train set on the rug is going to move after his birthday since we bought him one of those train tables (which im thinking will move next to the window).

I also need a bigger rug and then finish off the office space on the other side of the room.

Always lots to do which keeps me busy, although frustrated cos I want to do it all at once!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A letter to you on the eve of your second birthday

Today is the last day you are 1. Although that seems weird to say since we always refer to your age in months still. Tomorrow you will be 24months old. A big 2 year old!

This time 2 years ago I was wondering when we would get to meet you, when you were going to make that break for it and exit the cacoon of my womb. It seemed at the time that you would NEVER come out. Every mother who goes past their EDD thinks that though. You were 8 days over but worth the wait. Weighing in on the heavier side at 9lb 2oz, I was blessed with a healthy bubba.

Since the day you were born, you have always been alert, tuned into the world and surprising us with your milestones. Your Mamma says you're an 'old soul'. You just had that look about you, the look in your eyes full of wonder.

You developed in leaps and bounds except for your weight which plateaued from about 2 to 5months where you really stayed around the 5-6kg mark. At the time I wasnt too worried as you never complained about being hungry although now when i look back and have since got to know your personality better, its just not in your nature to complain about being hiungry. You're just not a very big eater.

I wasnt really good at keeping records of your firsts but I do know you smiled at 4wks, crawled at 8mths first teeth (plural!) appeared at 8mths and walked at 13mths.

1st bday party
Unfortunately your mummy had to make a tough decision to return to work when you were just shy of 7mths. I suffered from the mummy guilts about sending you to daycare initially  for 3 days and your daddy was to look after you the other 2 but you seemed to love it. The carers are really nice and made the transition nice and easy. You smiled every time we went there and never cried. (although you went through a period a few months ago where you would cry when I left).

You're such a social little boy. You have chats with our friends, you put on the charm with the checkout ladies, you love your grandparents and Uncle. We couldn't ask for a more happy little soul.

Lately you have been testing us with some tantrum filled episodes when life doesn't go your way. But that's all part and parcel of growing up and it makes those moments where you're the sweet little boy, even the more sweeter.

We love you so much Little Man. Definitely the best 2 years of Mummy and Daddies lives!

Cheers to you on your birthday!

Sunday, 7 July 2013


This is a project ive been wanting to tackle for aaages! I bought a sewing machine a good few months back with the intention of tackling some sewing projects. But then it just sat in the office area staring at me with its intimidating needle eye until the other day I had enough motivation to open it and set the thing up.

It took one night of you-tubing and trial and error to work out how to thread the damn thing and once Id sorted that out, it went back into storage until I had another night of motivation to get it out again and actually start sewing.

First project was cushion covers! I only tried 2 and they're not really on the material I wanted to use around the house but it was a good practice run. I followed Jackie over at Teal and Lime Easy Envelope cushion cover video tutorial. Speaking from an absolute amateur, her video is really easy to follow so if I can do it, Im sure you can too!

Im stoked at the result. First i tried with the one type of fabric and then I thought id give the two tone a go. Both versions are found on the video.

I'm cushion cover mad now and I cant wait to do some more. I bought some more fabric yesterday that im hoping to give a go soon. Hopefully now Ive got over the first hurdle, I wont procrastinate so much!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

2nd birthday Party Prep- Deciding on a Theme

Our Little Man is turning 2 in a couple of weeks so its time to start planning a small party.

This year we're just going low key and just inviting immediate family and our close friends, most of whom have children who our little guy has grown up around.

I like need to have a theme which I find helps when planning, even if its based around a colour of two. Ive been thinking of what to do for awhile now especially since LM being that bit older, knows what he likes and doesnt like.
My intital thought was a transport theme especially along the lines of buses since he STILL goes on and on about them but trying to find nice invites on a budget was proving difficult.
Then on our latest shopping trip, LM saw these Thomas ones and he got very excited. The decision was made!

However I didnt want to stick to just a Thomas theme since LM loves so many different things.
Then I saw this Dinosaur pack for $5 and I decided then and there to just loosely base the theme around 'Everything that LM Loves'. His favourites. Right now. It will be a great reflection on years to come to see what was on his popularity list.

So there could be dinosaurs, Thomas, buses, trains, cars, musical instruments, and balloons.

This way I can also use some of his toys as props and decoration.

We decided to be brave and host the party at a park hoping Mother Nature plays nice and we have a sunny winters day like she did for us last year.
Only just over a week to go and this is all I have! Better get some list writing happening!

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bits n bobs clutter

I have this drawer in my buffet that Ive been meaning to clear out for awhile. It has all my picture hanging and some felt pads stuffed in there.

Enter these couple of storage items I purchased cheaply on the weekend. Originally they were going to be used for some crafty items but I thought how useful they would be to help clear out this drawer.

Its one of those quick jobs you wonder why it took so long to get to it!

This compartment container holds all the picture hanging items, although whilst I was sorting them out I wondered if I would ever use them anyway now theres such a thing as command strips! Theres also some cup hooks I bought for another project. Im sure these items will come in handy one day!

The drawers house all the 3M stuff in the top drawer

and the felt pads in the bottom.

All done. And now Im left with an empty drawer to fill!