Monday, 27 May 2013

Today- The Day I was Pining

Today was one of those days where I was pining for time with my son. I think because on the weekend we were so busy with organising and building our shed, I didnt get to spend much good, quality time with him. And I miss him so much today.

Sparked by IG, I saw photos of other mums tending to appointments, school runs, shopping dates and hanging with their babies and I was really feeling sorry for myself.

As some of you may know, Ive worked full time since Little Man was 7mths old and normally it doesnt bother me too much. I mean, of course Id love to be at home with him but I do like my work and I know hes having a great time hanging with Daddy, my mum or his mates at child care. And I especially love the moment when we get reunited again at the end of the day.

Today I just wanted to be 'Homemaker Mummy'. Waking up to his smiley face, getting his milk and having those morning snuggles. Feeding him brekky whilst I enjoy my morning coffee. Chinking our drinks when he cheekily says 'Cheers'! Letting him loose outside, whilst co-ordinating hanging out a load/s of washing, going for a walk to the playground, reading books, pottering around whilst he naps, getting dinner ready and doing some baking.

Im not trying to make it sound being a SAHM is the easiest gig around. I know I probably have it easy some days being at work but somedays you just wish more than others, to be at home with your kids. My ultimate work/life balance would be a PT worker then I could kinda have my cake and eat it too :)

Anyway, back to the grind again tomorrow. Maybe time to book some more holidays!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013



'Giggling on the grass'

A Portrait of my child once a week, every week for a year

Last week I enjoyed these sandy tootsies and this shot of poking out tootsies.
Love baby feet!

Linking up once again with Jodi 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

3 Things Thursday

On Sunday night Husby and I had tickets to see one of our favourite bands so we decided to make a night of it and booked a hotel room in the city as well. This meant Little Man stayed with his Mamma (my mum). First night away....and he was fine! He even gave Mamma a sleep in :)
It was a great night, being able to relax , have a few drinks and not have to worry about driving home to relieve a babysitter. I did miss him like crazy though. Funny how youre body clock changes so easily. Despite having a late checkout, we were both up initially around 6am but managed to 'sleep in' until 8:30am. Then we had to get up.


This is the long awaited slab in which our new shed will be built upon.
We already have a pretty big shed but we'll be turning that into the 'man cave/band room' and this will be the site for my our shed. Cant wait to be able to chuck nicely put away Husbys band gear.
I pre-warn those who want to marry musicians: Make sure you have a large enough house in order to store all of their crap!!
The shed will be up this weekend. Never been so excited about a shed before!

Im happy with these baskets I bought on clearance at Target. Bargain at $20 for the 4 pack and $10 for the oval shaped.
Not sure of where they'll end up but couldnt pass them up at that price.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


'Bathing in a sea of Bubbles'
Couple of last weeks favs were Elsa May surrounded by a sea of yellow flowers
and these 3 shots , especially Daisy-Blossom being somewhat over-protected by her umbrella of rainbows :)
Linking up with Jodi, "a portrait of my child...once a week...every week in 2013"

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

3 Things Thursday

This week saw the start of winter approaching which means out come the uggies, trackies, woolly jumpers, scarves and my cosy blankie.

I love me a good mag and this week I snagged myself a couple of new issues. Now, if I only allow myself to sit down and read them.....!

On Sunday night, Husby and I are heading out on our own for the first time since Little Man was born...aaandd we have a hotel room booked for afterwards. First night away from him. I'm already a little apprehensive at the thought. But very excited to see one of my favourite bands!!

Saturday, 11 May 2013


"Splish, Splash"
Enjoying jumping in muddy puddles!
Last weeks favourites include: the always adorable Sage from one of my favourite blogs Fields of Sage, Seriously this kid cant take a bad photo!
And The Beetle shack featuring newborn Elke.
The wonderful thing about Jodis  link ups, is finding new blogs to read. Adding The Beetle Shack to my list now!
Oh and Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mums out there, including mine.
Much love xxx

Friday, 10 May 2013

Work. Urgh.


When I was on maternity leave, it got to a point about 5-6mths in where I was looking forward to going back to work. I felt like I needed something more in my life, not to say I wasn't loving motherhood because I was but I just felt I needed some different adult interaction, something to keep my brain functioning. In the end I had to go back to work full time when Master A was 7mths due to circumstances at home (like we desperately needed the money!). I didnt want to go back full time but It worked out ok in the end as Husby looks after Master A a few times a week so he's not in full time daycare. I feel better knowing he is with at least one of us for most of the week.

These holidays were the first Ive had since returning over 18mths ago. Ive had the odd day here and there but not for a long stretch like this. Unfortunately, they also came at a time where it wasnt too convenient for the people left behind as my original (awesome) boss was made redundant not too long ago and my new boss was not up on what my job entailed as such. Totally not his fault but it was a quick rush to show him some of the ropes in the hope he and my team can scrape through without me.

So now I face returning to work on Monday to, what i'm sure is, a massive pile of work to catch up on and it is so not appealing to me right now. I will admit to checking over emails during my break but moreso just to keep up and delete what wasnt required from me on my return. Better to be prepared in these situations then totally flip out when i open my inbox to 700+ emails and my inbox at capacity.

This is why Im dreading going back. Hey, I love the people there. My team is great but no-one *gets* my job, Ive lost my backup and I kinda feel a little alone. I never wanted to be a manager, to 'own' my position. I dont like budgets, or making deals. I'm no salesperson. I just want to go in, do my job and leave at the end of the day. On time. I have more important things, people, to come home to.
I do want it all. I do like going to work, but I love being a homemaker. I still hope to be able to pick my kid/s up from school  and drop them off. I dont want to be stuck in the office until 7pm, missing out on all the action.
Anyway, that's getting a bit ahead of myself. I still have another 3 years up my sleeve until I have to worry about school but you get the idea.

My prorities have changed, or maybe they're the same but having this break made me notice them more. Who knows when I'll be able to have another break. Lets hope I can slowly pass on my knowledge to the people who are left, so it wont be such a mission next time.

I really needed this break and its been good. Busy, but good. And if I had to look at the glass half full, it does feel like Ive had a decent enough time away. Although another month or so would be great!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

3 Things Thursday

Our new coffee machine. Great for that much needed kickstart to the day. And makes great hot choccie for night time!

 This awesome May weather. Todays max is 28C and yesterday was a summery 31C! Although it does seem really weird being Autumn when this feels like Spring!

We met up with the parents of Master A's best bud from child care on the weekend. Was so cute watching them together and nice for us to catch up outside of care. This was at a local playground where he loved the fire truck!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Holidays update

So I'm halfway through my holidays now and I have achieved some of what I wanted.
I documented what I was hoping to achieve during my break in this post.

One thing I really wanted to do, was finally get round to painting my side tables.
This has been a long time coming project of mine and, as it was, took a couple of days to finish in between coats. I ended up doing 2x undercoats and 2x top coats.

They went from this..

To this..

To this!

There is a 3rd table to the set which I am still contemplating what colour. All I knew at the time was I really wanted a teal blue and yellow table.

I will reveal soon what I've chosen. Oh the suspense!

In case your interested, the colours I chose were: Dulux Zuni

and Dulux Pale Buttercup 

I also need to buy some clear lacquer as being wall paint, its not that tough for everyday use. 

Whilst I had the painting gear out, I gave the Ikea Bekvam stool a makeover with Zuni. Again, this will also  need a clear lacquer coating.

Ive also done plenty of baking and cooking, most of which has ended up in our bellies and not the freezer! Grrrr! Oh well, lucky I love to cook!

And I finished off a couple of crafty projects I had on the go.

In my final week Ill be heading to Ikea to grab some furniture for the playroom/office, tidy the linen closet and pantry, head to Bunnings for some more paint supplies, oh and squeeze mothers day somewhere in there too!

And s promised, there have also been  a few trips to the playground! 


Saturday, 4 May 2013



A portrait of my child once a week for a year

Pushing cars to each other 

I couldn't choose just 1 fav from last many lovely shots. However, I picked these 2 gorgeous girls jumping on their parents bed. Great action shot!
And this shot of Chloe playing dress ups. Love the style of the photo - very 1920's!

Once again joining in with Jodi.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

3 Things Thursday

3 Things im loving this week are...

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, or just not noticing my contstant HOLIDAY updates on FB, you would know Im VERY excited to be having a small break from the rat race!! Just some time to spend with my family and doing the things I love to do like bake and craft and update stuff around the house.
One mission I have just accomplished, was painting 2 out of the 3 side table set I have. Now just pondering what the 3rd colour will be....

And lastly I got my couches and rug cleaned yesterday. The state of them has been driving me nutso lately and then I saw on one of those deal sites, a carpet cleaning package for $69! I just asked the company if I could swap the 4 rooms to these 3 pieces. We only have 2 carpeted rooms anyway!
So that's a little of what's been happening. Exciting stuff round these parts ya know!