Sunday, 28 April 2013


a fleeting moment captured of 'upside down baby'!
Unfortunately on the iphone. Gotta take what you can!
Linking up with Jodi portrait of my child once a week for a year

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Holiday to do list

I have 10 days annual leave coming up and Im going to use those days off to their full potential.

Nope, not for relaxation (well for the most part), I have sooo many things I want to do round these parts and weekends dont stretch far enough, especially when I want to spend as much time with my family as I can.

So here is a list of the things I want to achieve in these 10 days. Master A will be in CC for 3 of those days which is where Im going to achieve most things. As much as I love him dearly, sometimes you just need a full day where you can run around like a mad woman without worrying about little people.

The big plan is to set up a playroom and office area which I briefly spoke about here. It all starts with an Ikea trip! I'm still tossing up about the layout and what furniture would best suit the space and my needs but I have a general idea.

There's plenty of organising to do as well including:

  • Finishing off the pantry
  • Linen cupboard
  • Both our closet and Master A's

I want to set up a long overdue potted herb garden which will eventually lead into a full grown veggie patch once the shed has been installed. I also want to plant some more potted colour and flowering shrubs. 

If time permits, I want to get some bulk cooking done for the freezer. There's been a few nights lately where I really cannot face cooking something or we've gotton home too late, so the meals I already have prepared are a lifesaver. If I can whip up some extras, that's a bonus!

There's also a bit of shopping to be done just for bits and pieces that sometimes on weekends I just run out of time. 

Oh and of course, I foresee a lot of playing, cuddling, reading, creating, walking to parks and generally spending time with Master A and the Husby to come. That, of course, is the most important! 

Lets hope these holidays are a much needed break where I can recharge and reorganise before I have to inevitably go back to the hundreds of emails waiting for me!

Friday, 26 April 2013

3 Things Thursday (Friday edition)

Oopsie already forgotten my 3 Things on Thursday posting due to Anzac Day yesterday!

Here's my top 3 from the past week...

1. This is one of the trays I bought from the op shop seen here, painted and added some cute patterned paper. I tried to find a small piece of glass to protect the paper but couldn't find one that would fit. However this works ok for now. Good thing is, the paper is easily swapped around.

2. Yesterday we did a mini clean out. This room is one big space divided by the front door, with the other side being our lounge. I want to turn this bit into a playroom/office but at the moment it stores Husbys music equipment. Behind where the drums are used to be my grandmas dresser/armoire. This has now been moved into the dining room and this space will now house possibly a 4x4 expedit for toy storage. Once our new shed is up all the music junk precious stuff will be moved into our old shed which will turn into the band room. Phew, if you didn't get that, don't worry i'm sure Ill blog about it as things happen.

3. You have most likely seen these plates in the lastest Target catalogue and yep, I had to have some. Although it was hard to stop at these 4!  I love anything owls so these were perfect!

Sunday, 21 April 2013


At the beach taken with Dadda's Iphone 

Last week I loved little Judahs chubby cheeks. So squishy!

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Three Things Thursday

I had a thought on the way home from work the other day (It's where I do some of my best thinking!) of a new blog post topic called  Three Things on Thursday where I can capture the three things from the past week Im loving!

So to start off we have:

Master A's cool new shoes!

Im not a big name brand person but my friend works at Nike and could give me a good discount, plus I figure his little feet could probably do with decent support. Not to mention they're oh so spunky!

DJ Flumes new album

I watched JJJ One Night Stand on the weekend and he was pretty good. Nice chilled out beats!
I already had his album but it sounds so much better after you've seen them 'live'.

 Tandoori chicken I made from scratch

I found Tandoori paste to always be quite expensive to buy in the shops so I googled one day and decided to make my own.
Its really easy, I make it up the day before so its already to cook when I get home from work.

If you're interested, the recipe is:
1/2 tsp Paprika
1/4 cup lemon juice
5cm piece of ginger
2x gloves garlic, crushed
1x tbspn salt
1x tspn chilli paste
1x tbspn garam Marsala
3x tspn cumin
3x tspn chilli powder
1x tbspn greek yoghurt
2x tbspn oil

Mix it all together.
Again, I don't measure exactly the ingredients but just go by eyesight. Which means each time it tastes a little different. I dont remember it usually being so hot so perhaps if you don't like very spicy food, leave out the paste and/or powder. I also added more yoghurt.
This was enough for 2x large chicken breasts.

So those of my 3 favs of the week!
Let me know if you are 'loving something sick' lately!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Thanks for helping me grow...

Master A has just moved up from the baby room into the toddler room at childcare.

His carers/educators are such nice ladies that I wanted to give them a token of thanks for helping Ace thrive and grow whilst in their care.

I went with a pot of perennials since theyre pretty, budget friendly but will last longer (hopefully!) than a bunch of picked flowers. It also fit in my theme of thanks for helping him grow.

At first i was going to make a card but then i thought of adding these plant sticks with a cute little embellishment and the words "Thank you for helping me grow. Love Ace"

Just a simple idea for saying thanks.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

An Op Shopping we will go....

Ive been wanting to pick up some bargains from a second hand shop for awhile but never found the time. However on the weekend, I had a free half hour, childless, so decided to pop into one.

Holy Moly I was in op shop heaven! I spent most of the time in the homewares section but Ill definately be heading back in the not too distant future to browse the clothes etc.

I got all this (plus a Chuggington top for little man) for a mere $21!!

There was way more stuff I could of taken away with me but I limited myself to this for now. There was a fine line between collecting bargains or just more clutter!

So i got myself a couple of baskets. The larger one im thinking of spray painting and using for Master A's toys and the rectangular one Ill either use as a bread basket (which was its intention) or maybe as a table decoration.

Ive been wanting a large wooden tray for ages so I had to grab this one at a steal of $3!! The smaller tray was just cute and only $1. Reckon these will both get a lick of paint as well

 The star container I thought i'd use as a pencil holder or similar.

And I couldnt go past the Thomas (Master A is obsessed!), another steal at $3!

I never thought of op shops even selling fabric but they do! I got a few meters of this lovely blue and white material for about $6 I think. Not sure what my plan is for this..maybe cushions covers or even a bean bag cover.

Cant wait to get stuck into some projects with these beauties!
The paintbrush is calling me....

Sunday, 14 April 2013



Cheeky smiles on the bed
(excuse the light and composition!)
Joining in with Jodi 52 Portrait a week. A portrait of my child once a week for the year
My favourite from last week was Sarah's shot . Awesome photo taken above of her son looking in the mirror!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

21 months today

You are just the most socialable, loveable chatterbox around! My word you can talk! Well toddler babble. We all wish we could understand what youre saying because it sounds so important and interesting but we just nod and pretend we know and try and make out words amongst the sounds.

This week you reached a new milestone in your life. You've been moved up into the toddler room at child care. Its a sad day as we both love your baby room educators and even though theyre right next door, its just not the same. They will equally miss you just as much as well. Luckily the girl-Emma- in the toddler room is equally as awesome and im sure we'll (well me moreso) adapt quite quickly.

We're teaching you more about ABC's. We sing the song and you now know the tune and in your own way, sing along with us. Its cute to hear! Also learning to count to 10. The other day you astounded me by pointing to the no.2 and saying TWO! At first I was so taken aback but then so proud. I think you also know 5 and 6. But its really hard to say if its coincidence or reality.

As most boys, you love all modes of transport. Still loving and exclaiming TRUCK, BUS and CAR and now BIKE and PLANE. Our driving around means we point out every BUS and TRUCK that drives past. Some are even noticed before I do.
Daddy also bought you a little Helicoptor which you call 'Copter.

Youre love for music continues whether its dancing to or playing on, youre right on it! You love the Wiggles and some songs are becoming quite familiar around here. You can even do some of the actions. Again, so cute!

You love my Iphone, to the point I have to cut back on when you play with it. You dont actually play with it on youre own, I still have to help but I downloaded a new animal sounds app which you love. You surprisingly picked out more animals than I thought. I totally underestimate how much you know and learn and Mummy couldnt be prouder.

Ok, sorry for TMI but you are letting us know about your 'toileting issues'. You tell us when you have done poos, even though it simply means wees. You cant quite differentiate between the 2 'jobs'! But still so clever

Hoot has made it to bedtime status. He has joined Mr Seahorse as your bedtime buddy.

There is a reoccuring list of words in these posts: Love, Cute, Proud because that just sums up our relationship with you. My heart continues to burst with pride to the point I dont know how it can anymore.

Love you Little Man. Heres to another month of growing and learning with you.


Monday, 8 April 2013

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo....

Yesterday we took a family trip to the Adelaide Zoo with a bunch of friends and their kiddos.

I hadnt been to the Zoo for ages so I was secretly a little excited to go but I wasnt sure how Ace would go, whether he would be interested at his age but he LOVED it. Im not sure what he loved more: the real life animals, playing with the kids or exploring the wide open spaces and secret little paths.

Im a little annoyed that I only managed to get a few shots with the SLR before the battery died. Of course! So some are taken with Iphone. Nonetheless, still good memories.

Aren't Meercats the cutest of creatures?!

In awe of real life Giraffes!

Felt sorry for the poor lions in these concrete jungle enclosures.

Meanwhile the Pandas we have on loan from China get this multi million dollar temperature controlled enclosure complete with a massive outdoor area.
Silly Adelaide Zoo!

But this little guy had fun, it was a great family day out. Then he crashed as soon as the car was moving! Bless xx

Sunday, 7 April 2013

13/52 + 14/52

Because I forgot didnt have time last week, Im catching up now....

Easter Sunday fun with family and bubbles

My technological baby
A Portrait of my child once a week for the year.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter 2013

I had such great intentions to get this post up on Monday but like most of the Easter weekend, I didn't get much achieved that I wanted too. Except if you call having a carefree, relaxing weekend and spending time with my family a good achievement, then I did well!

Anyway, I thought I'd cater for those people who are still longing for some post Easter pics including my random decorations (dont have that many built up in my collection yet), tablescaping and some pics of Chocolate!

Easter Sunday is family day and since I love any chance to decorate and entertain, Im often the hostess. Yay!

But first, the night before I quickly fashioned some bunny feet out of white paper and pink leftover scrapbooking paper, which led to Master A's gifts.

Since he's not quite 2, we didn't indulge in too much chocolate. Instead giving him some Little People eggs, Charley Bear PJ's which will hopefully last through winter, a wind up egg, and a little chocolate bunny which i sorta packaged up in the bee bucket.

 For lunch we had my parents, brother, SIL and MIL, so just a small gathering.

I had little cupcakes in each of their bowls, moreso for presentation to begin with and then they came out later for dessert!

I added on my buffet Master A's Easter related soft toys. Ironically the Peter Rabbit and duck toys were given by his grandparents when he was born.

I made some Easter biscuits also. Someone said they look like playdough on top!

I trust you all had a chocolate filled Easter and much loved time with your familes.