Thursday, 29 August 2013

Ive been nominated...for a Liebster!

Thanks so much to Dani over at A Wishful Whimsy for nominating me for this lovely blog award.

Check out her blog for the questions and answers she was given and in turn has made up 11 more for me. So here goes...

1. Television or Radio?
Hmm I love my music so I would have to go with radio. I listen to the radio in transit to work. Triple J is the flavour of the month but I switch between them and Fresh FM. Im not into pop at all!

2. What did you want to be when you grew up & why?
Well when I was really little I wanted to be a teacher, as most girls I think do when you're 5. But as I grew older and throughout high school, I wanted to be a vet nurse which I ended up being for 5 years. I left because I lost the passion of working your ass off for very little cash. Plus Vets can be very ungrateful. I do miss the animals and surgery though.

3. Silver or Gold Jewellery?

4. Who is your favourite author/book?
I dont read much anymore but I did like Jodi Picoults books. Now I just lust over house mags!

5. House or Apartment living? Why?
I actually like the idea of apartment living especially after watching The Block. But I would miss having a backyard too much. Somewhere you can entertain and the kids can run around in. Plus Id be extra worried about noisy neighbors in an apartment block.

6. What is your favourite milkshake flavour?
Wendys flake shake

7. Do you have a celebrity crush? 
Not really. I mean, there are certain celebrities that are very easy on the eye but none stand out. I do like Paul Walker though of Fast and Furious fame and the singer of The Butterfly Effect is pretty nice too :) 

8. What is your most favourite thing about Christmas?
Getting to decorate the house and giving out presents to loved ones. Oh and seeing my sons face now that he is older and knows more about presents! haha!

9. If money was no object, what would you spend $$$ on?
Decorating the house!

10. Do you wash your own car or use a car wash?
Im lazy now and use the car wash but secretly I get a little scared the windows will give way and Ill get hurt by the rollers!

11. Were you better at Maths or English in School? 
Definitely English. I hated Maths! I was (and still am) never good at numbers.

So now I believe I pick some questions and nominate some blogs for the reward.

Jess at Forever Organised
Kate at Hellokateberry
Tiff at Surviving Four Kids
Cassie at Cassadiva
Anna at Fields of Sage

Your questions, if you to choose to accept them, are:

1. What was your first job?
2. What do you love about blogging?
3. What dont you love about blogging?
4. What's your emotional food?
5. What was your first car?
6. Any bad habits?
7. Who's your idol (if you have one)?
8. Favourite band/singer?
9. First gig?
10. Favourite movie
11. What is your design style?

Good luck everyone, looking forward to reading your answers.

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