Monday, 6 May 2013

Holidays update

So I'm halfway through my holidays now and I have achieved some of what I wanted.
I documented what I was hoping to achieve during my break in this post.

One thing I really wanted to do, was finally get round to painting my side tables.
This has been a long time coming project of mine and, as it was, took a couple of days to finish in between coats. I ended up doing 2x undercoats and 2x top coats.

They went from this..

To this..

To this!

There is a 3rd table to the set which I am still contemplating what colour. All I knew at the time was I really wanted a teal blue and yellow table.

I will reveal soon what I've chosen. Oh the suspense!

In case your interested, the colours I chose were: Dulux Zuni

and Dulux Pale Buttercup 

I also need to buy some clear lacquer as being wall paint, its not that tough for everyday use. 

Whilst I had the painting gear out, I gave the Ikea Bekvam stool a makeover with Zuni. Again, this will also  need a clear lacquer coating.

Ive also done plenty of baking and cooking, most of which has ended up in our bellies and not the freezer! Grrrr! Oh well, lucky I love to cook!

And I finished off a couple of crafty projects I had on the go.

In my final week Ill be heading to Ikea to grab some furniture for the playroom/office, tidy the linen closet and pantry, head to Bunnings for some more paint supplies, oh and squeeze mothers day somewhere in there too!

And s promised, there have also been  a few trips to the playground! 


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