Monday, 15 October 2012


Lately I have been feeling extremely grateful for just being here.

Being alive, on this earth and being healthy.

My son is healthy and my husband is (mostly) healthy.

And we're all here.


In our own home.

Eating 3+ meals a day with fresh ingredients.

And we have (some) money in the bank. But its money nonetheless.

And im just so grateful for today, this very moment. And that I can enjoy all this with my wonderful family.

Moreso ive just been grateful for being a Mama to a healthy, happy little man.

Ever since becoming a mum, it hits home a lot harder when I watch documentaries, news reports or read magazines about young children , babies who have died. Left this earth way before their time and I just hope its because there is some greater purpose for them elsewhere.

I get so upset and feel somewhat guilty that I dont have to endure the heartache and anguish that these poor parents do.

No family should have to go through that hell

And every night i look at my son sleeping so soundly and peaceful in his comfy bed and my heart feels like its going to burst with the love I have for him.

And I just thank my lucky stars.

Mel xx

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