Thursday, 24 January 2013

cleaning out the pantry

In an effort to save money where possible....AND be more organised this year, in last weeks meal plan I tried to use up some of the non perishable items I've had stocked for aaages in the pantry.

This is what I was working with:
  • 2x canned apples
  • 1x can kidney beans
  • 1x cannellini beans
  • passata
  • aborio rice
  • marshmallows
  • multiple dried fruits
  • hazelnuts
  • 1x can water chestnut
  • tortilla
  • scotch finger biscuits
  • packet egg noodles
There are other cans but it was a good starting point. Some of these items like the fruit, nuts and marshmallows, were leftover from xmas and were taking up room in an already small pantry. However the canned produce was the stuff I really wanted to use.
My new motto is to buy as I need and not buy to replenish. Our tastes and recipies are changing so I dont need to keep the same stock I used too. Plus, because I meal plan, there really isnt any need to keep stuff 'just in case'. I already know what I need when I write my list for the fortnight.

Anyway...moving to use these goods I made the following:

Apple crumble - scotch finger biscuits and the 2x canned apples
Thai Chicken Curry Risotto - aborio
Jamie Oliver Veggie Chilli - tortilla, beans, passata
Chicken satay - water chestnuts
Donna Hays muesli slice - mixed dried fruit
Rocky road - marshmallows and nuts
Bacon and mushroom noodle cake - egg noodles

It felt good to use up as much as I could in an effort to also save money. I found my shopping list was a lot smaller this time filled mostly with fresh produce.

Ill do it again this fortnight to see what else I can knock out of there too!

Thought I'd leave you with a before and after of this shelf...eeek!


I bought those stands from Kmart to help with utilizing the vertical space more. Just need some spice racks for the door to clear out that clutter to the right.
Definitely a work in progress!

If you have any other tips, I'd love to hear from you!

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