Friday, 4 January 2013

Surviving a hot day

In light of one of the hottest days SA has seen for awhile (45 degrees!!), I thought Id share a couple of tips I do in preparation for venturing out in the extreme heat.

Mostly it was staying inside the office aircon (!).....but I finish at 3:30pm which is essentially the hottest time of the day. And I had to pick up Master A from daycare on the way home. We live a good 40mins away from where we were, which I know in east coast terms, Isnt very long. But any time in the car or outside can be dangerous when its so hot so I wanted to be as prepared as I could.

Just simple things like checking the water level in the cars reservoir tank and ensuring I had enough extra distilled water to top up if required.

I took a couple of bottles of water for ourselves. One I keep on my desk at work and the other was a spare which I kept in the fridge at work. Then topped up my desk one for the drive home. We needed both for the 2 of us. Driving is thirsty work! I prob should have taken more but I didn't have any larger bottles.

I also keep sunscreen in the car for those top ups. Even so, Ive got severe case of 'driving arm'!

So we survived but by the time we got home to a hot house I could not be bothered standing in the kitchen cooking. So it was fruit and yoghurt for us!

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