Monday, 18 February 2013

2 years ago today....

I married my best friend.

We met at work and were just friends for awhile until he worked up the courage to tell me how he felt.
4.5 yrs later, married and with our little man in tow, I cant believe how blessed I am.
Oh yeah, I was 22 weeks pregnant with the little guy when we got hitched!

My 30th year was my biggest yet. Got engaged on our 2 year anniversary, fell pregnant and therefore planned a wedding in 12 weeks. I really wanted to be married before our son was born. 5 months later we brought Little Man into the world! Dont think you can really beat that!

We got married at beautiful Ayres House. 

It was such an awesome day. We had no hiccups, great weather but I was definitely glad when the planning was all over and I could concentrate on the baby stuff!

 Images by Simmone Edwards Photography.

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