Monday, 11 February 2013

19 month old you

19 month old you is similar to 18 month old you except you've picked up some new words or sounds and its amazing how much we can understand some of those sounds -come- beginnings of words.

I always thought how tough it was to understand what someone else's child is trying to tell you. You know its important and it definitely makes them but you end up just nodding your head and pretending you know by saying 'yes' , 'thats right' or 'uh hmmm'. But with you, I can sometimes make sense out of your babblings.

: : A new one is 'Me' which translates to Burnie (one of our cats). Not sure what word/name you have for Winnie yet (our other cat). Keeping an ear out for that one.

: : You like to point at things in order to tell us what you want. The other day I ended up spinning round in a circle to work out which way you were actually pointing! You are definitely the first to tell us when we're going the wrong way!

: : You suddenly like going in the car. If I tell you we're going outside to the car, you run to the car door. Its nice not having to struggle getting you in the seat when you thought you were going outside to play.

: :  Over the last month youre not a fan of sleeping at child care, ever since they put you on the mat in the toddler room. The other day you only had 15 minutes. 15 minutes!! And by golly you were a mess when we got home! Im not sure what we can do about it. Im hoping its an adjustment period and it will get better. Lucky you are only there 2 days a week. Please try and get at least an hour. For both our sanity.

: : You're will is getting stronger and I struggle to work out the best discipline for you. At the moment i'm trying to explain the wrong in a strong, firm voice and ignoring when it comes to the physical tantrums. I have to keep reminding myself that I am there to teach you right from wrong and the acting out is merely a sign of your frustration. Youre a smart kid, im sure we'll get there slowly but surely.

: : You love crayons. All of a sudden you like to draw or simply walk around with one in each hand. You like the pink crayon the best :)

: : We can see 2 more teeth coming through.  The one bottom right (next to the eye tooth) is almost through and same position on the left is just breaking through the gum. Ive also felt one coming through the top in the same position. Im amazed you have never been bothered with teething. 

: : You're new favourite book is the BODY book with pictures of all the babies and kids. I think you just like looking at the children and we learn about our body parts.

: : You love real kids too. In the shops, the playground, youre not shy in making new friends. Its so cute to watch and you almost feel jealous at how easy it is to make friends as a child.

19 months and we love you so much. You are just so happy, its infectious and you bring such joy into our lives.

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