Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Busy day

As some of you may have read yesterday, I had a really productive day. I had the pleasure of an annual leave day (which incidently coincided with the Adelaide Cup long weekend, so woohoo, 4 day weekend for me!!). Ace was also in child care so i took advantage of a very rare day to myself.
Unfortunately it was a sticky 35C so not the best day for getting down and dirty with it (as some might say!) but I ploughed through since i had no choice.

I didnt get everything done i wanted to but some of the more important bits like doing a good ol' deep vacuum clean in and around the furniture. It really was quite disgusting and I had to empty the vacuum out a few more times than Id care to admit!

I also wiped down all of the blinds and skirting boards.

Now I wasn't a good blogger in that I didn't take photos of shame for you all to see but just imagine furniture that hardly or has never been moved since you moved in 4 years ago! Yeah, that!

Anyway I also did some baking and cooking in which I was more than happy to snap away....

Vanilla icecream in my icecream maker

Cheesy spring onion fritters

and also baked some brownies. I used this recipe which i found on pinterest. It was dead easy and turned out to be delicious. I sat down that evening with a coffee and smothered them in cream. Yum!

I also attached the spice rack i bought a few weeks ago but then never got round to pulling the drill out to attach. 

It was to help clear up this disaster corner of my pantry...

So today was the day but now that its up, I'm not so sure about it. 

The 'grill' design doesn't hold the little bottles that well so i might have to add a cardboard base to make it more stable. It also didn't hold everything I had, so i'll either buy another or maybe one of those Ikea ones.

Time went so quickly and before I knew it, it was pick up time.

I still have some more days up my sleeve to get stuck into some other projects if i feel like it however this weather is insisting on sticking around and it really isn't the most motivating!

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