Thursday, 13 June 2013

You're 23 months

I cant believe you're almost 2!

:: You're speech is coming along. Something new every day. You are starting to put a couple of words together now and you understand so much. I love our conversations and listening to you talk to others.

:: You can easily count to 10 out loud and we can make out the ABC song even though not all the letters are clear. The tune definitely is.Along with Intsy Wintsy and Baabaa Black Sheep.

:: Still with the transport. You still point out every single bus. Even managing to find them before I do.

:: Your eyesight is impeccable. I love the way you view the world. You take everything in. Stuff which us adults just take for granted. I love learning with you.

:: You have now given your beloved Seahorse a name-Seesaw. Love.

:: You make every word sound so cute. Sushi, Taco, Seesaw, snuggles, the list goes on. Daddy and I make you repeat so many things just to hear your cuteness!

:: You're bed is filling up with all your favourites. Some are regular characters like Yoshi, Monkey, Hoot, port car and Seesaw but sometimes you sneak in an extra car or train, Brown bear book and one day even your new massive bus to bed!

:: You now call my brother , your uncle, Matty. Again said with delightful cuteness.

:: Unfortunately you have caught your first cold. And im sure its one of many again this winter. lets hope your immune system is slightly better than last year.

:: You mostly love food. Still struggle with the veggie side but we continue to try. Some days are much better than others but hey, youre not starving so that the main thing!

:: We see slight glimpses of tantrums but we certainly cant complain. And its usually because your tired or just having a grumpy day. But because youre generally so good, I panic at the sign of one thinking you've turned into a monster! But then you calm down and snuggle up for cuddles and I feel like I won that battle...for now.

:: You LOVE watching videos of yourself on Mummies phone. 'Photos' 'Photos' you say. Youre quite Iphone savvy now. My little tech baby!

:: Oh and you dont mind watching DVD over and over and over and over again. The latest craze is Justine Clarks DVD with the 'Dinesaur' song. You LOVE dinosaurs too :) Such a boy.

We love you to the moon and back Little Man. We are always so, so grateful to have you in our lives.

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