Monday, 24 June 2013

Culinary weekend

Culinary actually may be a bit farfetched to describe my weekend but it sure did involve a lot of cooking and baking in prepartion for the week ahead.

Most weekends you'll find me in the kitchen baking snacks and meals either for the freezer or in preparation for the week ahead.

Lately ive been using the weekend to get a bit of a head start on meals for during the week. Husby has been working at least 2 nights a week so having dinner already prepared or at least some of the prep work done beforehand, makes those nights a little less stressful especially when Little Man has had less than the desired amount of sleep in child care.

When writing up our meal plan for the fortnight, i take those nights into consideration and try and plan meals that can either be frozen or are just quick and easy to prepare on the night.

This week I included a Thai pumpkin soup and a slow cooked chilli beef. Both of which are easy to prepare and can be frozen. 

I also whipped up some snacky things, mainly for Little Man but can be enjoyed by all of us - bacon,cheese and mushroom pinwheels and sultana and oat cookies.

I had a little helper for those.He mostly just liked eating the raw mix!

Last night I finished off making us pizzas. I usually buy the base which is bad but I haven't had much luck making it from scratch!
They were delicious. Pizzas are good for using up those leftover items in the fridge. We had some leftover cooked chicken, prosciutto and bacon. Bang that on with some 'pizza loving veges' and you have a sunday night pizza sesh!

Oh and cant forget the ice cream I made for dessert. Simple Vanilla this time.

The only negative that comes with cooking so much in one all the DISHES! For the sake of keeping it real, here was a quick pic after I'd finished most of them. Nope, no dishwasher here! 

So now that some of the hard work is taken out, I can relax a couple of nights this week, even on the dishes!!

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