Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Game storage

This project came about as a result of another project I'm working on for organising my paper clutter.
I needed the wicker box that these games were originally housed in, so I was on the hunt for replacement storage.

And I found it in the form of another wicket box found at Kmart.

We dont have many board games so this ended up being the perfect fit. It also houses the video game paraphernalia that you end up with when the man of the house loves his Playstation and Wii! 

ooh i just noticed the lid of the poker set popped off

The actual game discs are kept in another box in the TV unit.

I love that its functional but also nice to look at it. A key when I'm buying storage is that I like it to have multiple uses. This, for instance, could also house extra blankets, become a coffee table or a toy box. 

Now that parts done, I can move onto the next one. 'Office in a box' coming soon.

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