Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bits n bobs clutter

I have this drawer in my buffet that Ive been meaning to clear out for awhile. It has all my picture hanging and some felt pads stuffed in there.

Enter these couple of storage items I purchased cheaply on the weekend. Originally they were going to be used for some crafty items but I thought how useful they would be to help clear out this drawer.

Its one of those quick jobs you wonder why it took so long to get to it!

This compartment container holds all the picture hanging items, although whilst I was sorting them out I wondered if I would ever use them anyway now theres such a thing as command strips! Theres also some cup hooks I bought for another project. Im sure these items will come in handy one day!

The drawers house all the 3M stuff in the top drawer

and the felt pads in the bottom.

All done. And now Im left with an empty drawer to fill!

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