Sunday, 7 July 2013


This is a project ive been wanting to tackle for aaages! I bought a sewing machine a good few months back with the intention of tackling some sewing projects. But then it just sat in the office area staring at me with its intimidating needle eye until the other day I had enough motivation to open it and set the thing up.

It took one night of you-tubing and trial and error to work out how to thread the damn thing and once Id sorted that out, it went back into storage until I had another night of motivation to get it out again and actually start sewing.

First project was cushion covers! I only tried 2 and they're not really on the material I wanted to use around the house but it was a good practice run. I followed Jackie over at Teal and Lime Easy Envelope cushion cover video tutorial. Speaking from an absolute amateur, her video is really easy to follow so if I can do it, Im sure you can too!

Im stoked at the result. First i tried with the one type of fabric and then I thought id give the two tone a go. Both versions are found on the video.

I'm cushion cover mad now and I cant wait to do some more. I bought some more fabric yesterday that im hoping to give a go soon. Hopefully now Ive got over the first hurdle, I wont procrastinate so much!


  1. Oh you are so gonna have the cushion bug now ;) these look great, and I would know - I am a fellow cushion addict lol xx

  2. hehe thanks Sonia! It still takes a lot of work to get that machine out again! I have the fabric but too many projects im wanting to tackle at once :)