Wednesday, 3 July 2013

2nd birthday Party Prep- Deciding on a Theme

Our Little Man is turning 2 in a couple of weeks so its time to start planning a small party.

This year we're just going low key and just inviting immediate family and our close friends, most of whom have children who our little guy has grown up around.

I like need to have a theme which I find helps when planning, even if its based around a colour of two. Ive been thinking of what to do for awhile now especially since LM being that bit older, knows what he likes and doesnt like.
My intital thought was a transport theme especially along the lines of buses since he STILL goes on and on about them but trying to find nice invites on a budget was proving difficult.
Then on our latest shopping trip, LM saw these Thomas ones and he got very excited. The decision was made!

However I didnt want to stick to just a Thomas theme since LM loves so many different things.
Then I saw this Dinosaur pack for $5 and I decided then and there to just loosely base the theme around 'Everything that LM Loves'. His favourites. Right now. It will be a great reflection on years to come to see what was on his popularity list.

So there could be dinosaurs, Thomas, buses, trains, cars, musical instruments, and balloons.

This way I can also use some of his toys as props and decoration.

We decided to be brave and host the party at a park hoping Mother Nature plays nice and we have a sunny winters day like she did for us last year.
Only just over a week to go and this is all I have! Better get some list writing happening!

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