Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Office in a box

Like most people, I've had a neverending struggle on how to best organize pesky paperwork clutter.
I started off with multiple accordion files scattered throughout the house. One day I sat down and went through them all throwing out a whole pile of bills including phone bills from 2006!
I looked online for the papers you should keep for tax purposes and surprisingly 7 year old phone bills were not one of them.
I then grouped what paper I had left into piles and stored them in a bag under the bed! Yeah, I know. Random.
Bills and statements for the current year I kept out in the office area for easy access but I wanted to keep them altogether in an organised, functional and of course nice looking, not at all paper hoarding, way.
Thats when I came across this post from Mairdville Manor blog about an Office in a box. Who would have thought under this lid was a bunch of boring paperwork files!

The box is split into 3 functions.

I have a file box with suspension files for historical papers including mortgage, tax returns, contracts etc.

 I used an old filer to gather all our warranties and manuals. Its not pretty but it does the job and its then hidden away.

I split them into general catagories including Kitchen, Electrical and Kids.

Then there's the blue file where I store the most recent documents for the year. Once the year is over, I will go through and throw away bills I wont need for tax purposes etc and then move the rest into the bigger file box.

And they all pack away nicely in the box and stored in our office area.

I also have this filing system out on the shelf for our current paperwork. Bills to pay, and then file, junk mail to look at etc.

In the white box I keep our receipts. I then go through this every now and then, file what I need to keep for warranties etc and throw away the rest.

So I guess I have a bit of a processing line happening with this filing business. If you make it to the big file box, you're one of the lucky ones!!

I hope this gives you an idea of another way you can control your paperwork! Its Pretty but functional!

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  1. Will you marry me, Melissa? Lol. I totally suck at this kind of organisation!

  2. Hehe! Im not sure how your husband would feel about that ;-P