Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Our play area


 This is a project Ive been working on for awhile. No project in this house gets done quickly. I put in a lot of thought, theres some trial and error, pinteresting, and lots of lots of thinking.

We dont have a big house but I like the idea of a play area for Little Man, somewhere in the living area so he's with us. Inevitably most of the toys he's playing with end up in our living area but thats fine, then at the end of the day they're packed away here.

After much contemplation, I decided the Expedit would be the best major piece of storage furniture.

This way we can fit books, stand alone toys as well as his smaller toys like blocks, cars etc.

The top shelf is currently being used for some of my craft stuff as well as a box of his craft bits and pieces.

Because Im looking at budget options, I havent gone too matchy matchy and tried to use stuff from around the house.

I did purchase from Ikea the purple Skubb boxes on sale, the white Kassett boxes and the 2 green Drona cubes which were also on sale. (I just noticed however the Green doesnt seem to be available at the Adelaide branch anymore) All of these are quite size deceiving and managed to fit most of his toys and craft goods really easily.

The very top of the unit I have a couple of frames I found which I need to fill, some pencils, glue and pipe cleaners, in the Bee caddy is some extra playdough and paints and the blue box has lots of random computer items which I need to find a home for.
I was lucky enough to win a Scotch adhesive pack from Bianca over at  A Little Delightful. I pulled these out yesterday to hang some canvas prints in a spare corner of the room.

Underneath these Im going to add some Bekvam spice racks to hold some of his books. Im sure we've all seen this ikea hack idea.

About an hour after taking these shots, the Play canvas fell down. Twice. Seems those adhesives arent strong enough to hold it. So for now its off the wall.
Sorry for the crappy photo (still amateur in the photography front too!) but this is his little table set up where he can draw and play with playdough etc. It is a little on the small side so im looking at purchasing another Lack table and move it to the middle of the room. The train set on the rug is going to move after his birthday since we bought him one of those train tables (which im thinking will move next to the window).

I also need a bigger rug and then finish off the office space on the other side of the room.

Always lots to do which keeps me busy, although frustrated cos I want to do it all at once!


  1. What a gorgeous room for the kids. Yay you clever chick, I hope you feel pretty darm proud of yourself hun xx

  2. The expedit really is the most amazing piece of furniture. I have the same size In our toyroom and now looking at the half size ones for my living room so I can also put cushions on top and they can double as DVD storage/extra seating. And also the four square ones for my wardrobe to hold handbags, hats etc!
    I love that you can just buy the boxes (from anywhere these days!! Bunnings has them for 4.99 each') and keep lots of things in them but still keep in neat and organised :)
    I've just started an organising blog, it's called always organising :)