Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A letter to you on the eve of your second birthday

Today is the last day you are 1. Although that seems weird to say since we always refer to your age in months still. Tomorrow you will be 24months old. A big 2 year old!

This time 2 years ago I was wondering when we would get to meet you, when you were going to make that break for it and exit the cacoon of my womb. It seemed at the time that you would NEVER come out. Every mother who goes past their EDD thinks that though. You were 8 days over but worth the wait. Weighing in on the heavier side at 9lb 2oz, I was blessed with a healthy bubba.

Since the day you were born, you have always been alert, tuned into the world and surprising us with your milestones. Your Mamma says you're an 'old soul'. You just had that look about you, the look in your eyes full of wonder.

You developed in leaps and bounds except for your weight which plateaued from about 2 to 5months where you really stayed around the 5-6kg mark. At the time I wasnt too worried as you never complained about being hungry although now when i look back and have since got to know your personality better, its just not in your nature to complain about being hiungry. You're just not a very big eater.

I wasnt really good at keeping records of your firsts but I do know you smiled at 4wks, crawled at 8mths first teeth (plural!) appeared at 8mths and walked at 13mths.

1st bday party
Unfortunately your mummy had to make a tough decision to return to work when you were just shy of 7mths. I suffered from the mummy guilts about sending you to daycare initially  for 3 days and your daddy was to look after you the other 2 but you seemed to love it. The carers are really nice and made the transition nice and easy. You smiled every time we went there and never cried. (although you went through a period a few months ago where you would cry when I left).

You're such a social little boy. You have chats with our friends, you put on the charm with the checkout ladies, you love your grandparents and Uncle. We couldn't ask for a more happy little soul.

Lately you have been testing us with some tantrum filled episodes when life doesn't go your way. But that's all part and parcel of growing up and it makes those moments where you're the sweet little boy, even the more sweeter.

We love you so much Little Man. Definitely the best 2 years of Mummy and Daddies lives!

Cheers to you on your birthday!

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