Friday, 26 April 2013

3 Things Thursday (Friday edition)

Oopsie already forgotten my 3 Things on Thursday posting due to Anzac Day yesterday!

Here's my top 3 from the past week...

1. This is one of the trays I bought from the op shop seen here, painted and added some cute patterned paper. I tried to find a small piece of glass to protect the paper but couldn't find one that would fit. However this works ok for now. Good thing is, the paper is easily swapped around.

2. Yesterday we did a mini clean out. This room is one big space divided by the front door, with the other side being our lounge. I want to turn this bit into a playroom/office but at the moment it stores Husbys music equipment. Behind where the drums are used to be my grandmas dresser/armoire. This has now been moved into the dining room and this space will now house possibly a 4x4 expedit for toy storage. Once our new shed is up all the music junk precious stuff will be moved into our old shed which will turn into the band room. Phew, if you didn't get that, don't worry i'm sure Ill blog about it as things happen.

3. You have most likely seen these plates in the lastest Target catalogue and yep, I had to have some. Although it was hard to stop at these 4!  I love anything owls so these were perfect!

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