Tuesday, 16 April 2013

An Op Shopping we will go....

Ive been wanting to pick up some bargains from a second hand shop for awhile but never found the time. However on the weekend, I had a free half hour, childless, so decided to pop into one.

Holy Moly I was in op shop heaven! I spent most of the time in the homewares section but Ill definately be heading back in the not too distant future to browse the clothes etc.

I got all this (plus a Chuggington top for little man) for a mere $21!!

There was way more stuff I could of taken away with me but I limited myself to this for now. There was a fine line between collecting bargains or just more clutter!

So i got myself a couple of baskets. The larger one im thinking of spray painting and using for Master A's toys and the rectangular one Ill either use as a bread basket (which was its intention) or maybe as a table decoration.

Ive been wanting a large wooden tray for ages so I had to grab this one at a steal of $3!! The smaller tray was just cute and only $1. Reckon these will both get a lick of paint as well

 The star container I thought i'd use as a pencil holder or similar.

And I couldnt go past the Thomas (Master A is obsessed!), another steal at $3!

I never thought of op shops even selling fabric but they do! I got a few meters of this lovely blue and white material for about $6 I think. Not sure what my plan is for this..maybe cushions covers or even a bean bag cover.

Cant wait to get stuck into some projects with these beauties!
The paintbrush is calling me....

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