Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter 2013

I had such great intentions to get this post up on Monday but like most of the Easter weekend, I didn't get much achieved that I wanted too. Except if you call having a carefree, relaxing weekend and spending time with my family a good achievement, then I did well!

Anyway, I thought I'd cater for those people who are still longing for some post Easter pics including my random decorations (dont have that many built up in my collection yet), tablescaping and some pics of Chocolate!

Easter Sunday is family day and since I love any chance to decorate and entertain, Im often the hostess. Yay!

But first, the night before I quickly fashioned some bunny feet out of white paper and pink leftover scrapbooking paper, which led to Master A's gifts.

Since he's not quite 2, we didn't indulge in too much chocolate. Instead giving him some Little People eggs, Charley Bear PJ's which will hopefully last through winter, a wind up egg, and a little chocolate bunny which i sorta packaged up in the bee bucket.

 For lunch we had my parents, brother, SIL and MIL, so just a small gathering.

I had little cupcakes in each of their bowls, moreso for presentation to begin with and then they came out later for dessert!

I added on my buffet Master A's Easter related soft toys. Ironically the Peter Rabbit and duck toys were given by his grandparents when he was born.

I made some Easter biscuits also. Someone said they look like playdough on top!

I trust you all had a chocolate filled Easter and much loved time with your familes.

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