Monday, 8 April 2013

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo....

Yesterday we took a family trip to the Adelaide Zoo with a bunch of friends and their kiddos.

I hadnt been to the Zoo for ages so I was secretly a little excited to go but I wasnt sure how Ace would go, whether he would be interested at his age but he LOVED it. Im not sure what he loved more: the real life animals, playing with the kids or exploring the wide open spaces and secret little paths.

Im a little annoyed that I only managed to get a few shots with the SLR before the battery died. Of course! So some are taken with Iphone. Nonetheless, still good memories.

Aren't Meercats the cutest of creatures?!

In awe of real life Giraffes!

Felt sorry for the poor lions in these concrete jungle enclosures.

Meanwhile the Pandas we have on loan from China get this multi million dollar temperature controlled enclosure complete with a massive outdoor area.
Silly Adelaide Zoo!

But this little guy had fun, it was a great family day out. Then he crashed as soon as the car was moving! Bless xx

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