Wednesday, 10 April 2013

21 months today

You are just the most socialable, loveable chatterbox around! My word you can talk! Well toddler babble. We all wish we could understand what youre saying because it sounds so important and interesting but we just nod and pretend we know and try and make out words amongst the sounds.

This week you reached a new milestone in your life. You've been moved up into the toddler room at child care. Its a sad day as we both love your baby room educators and even though theyre right next door, its just not the same. They will equally miss you just as much as well. Luckily the girl-Emma- in the toddler room is equally as awesome and im sure we'll (well me moreso) adapt quite quickly.

We're teaching you more about ABC's. We sing the song and you now know the tune and in your own way, sing along with us. Its cute to hear! Also learning to count to 10. The other day you astounded me by pointing to the no.2 and saying TWO! At first I was so taken aback but then so proud. I think you also know 5 and 6. But its really hard to say if its coincidence or reality.

As most boys, you love all modes of transport. Still loving and exclaiming TRUCK, BUS and CAR and now BIKE and PLANE. Our driving around means we point out every BUS and TRUCK that drives past. Some are even noticed before I do.
Daddy also bought you a little Helicoptor which you call 'Copter.

Youre love for music continues whether its dancing to or playing on, youre right on it! You love the Wiggles and some songs are becoming quite familiar around here. You can even do some of the actions. Again, so cute!

You love my Iphone, to the point I have to cut back on when you play with it. You dont actually play with it on youre own, I still have to help but I downloaded a new animal sounds app which you love. You surprisingly picked out more animals than I thought. I totally underestimate how much you know and learn and Mummy couldnt be prouder.

Ok, sorry for TMI but you are letting us know about your 'toileting issues'. You tell us when you have done poos, even though it simply means wees. You cant quite differentiate between the 2 'jobs'! But still so clever

Hoot has made it to bedtime status. He has joined Mr Seahorse as your bedtime buddy.

There is a reoccuring list of words in these posts: Love, Cute, Proud because that just sums up our relationship with you. My heart continues to burst with pride to the point I dont know how it can anymore.

Love you Little Man. Heres to another month of growing and learning with you.



  1. He is seriously adorable hun - vegemite or jam and all ;) xx

  2. Thanks Sonia! We kinda think so too! :)